Dear Elaine and Alex,
I just wanted to write to let you know how much I appreciate the way you have chosen to run your farm.  So many stables price their lessons so out of range for middle class families and place requirements such as full riding apparel worn to lessons on the students.  By doing this, they are making it near impossible for many children and adults to experience such a fantastic  "sport".  

My daughter Alexandria began riding with you last fall, you should have seen her today, only 4 1/2 and posting while she trots!   Unbelievable!  She looks forward to her lesson every week and has had the opportunity to experience pride, overcome fears (trotting), and build relationships (with snickers and Marissa).  There is no pressure, just a good solid love for riding.  

As far as my lessons go, I too look forward to my lessons every week.  It is my time to do something for myself.   I get to relax, learn something new and also gain pride with each lesson when I accomplish something new.  Alexandria has even become a little competitive with me asking me what I did when I come home and informing me that she still rides better than me!  We can lie in her bed at night and talk about Snickers and Friday and what we learn week to week, there is nothing sweeter than having something in common with your child.  

I wanted to thank you for choosing to run your stables with a true love for what you do, it makes a difference.
Thank you again,
Trish Tamburo